From the President

I am so pleased to welcome you to the spring 2023 edition of Momentum magazine in which we celebrate student achievement and experience.

Mohawk College is a place of innovation in our teaching and in our approach to experiential learning. That is evident in our growing range of unique and collaborative degree programs, which began with our pioneering and forward-thinking relationship with McMaster University.

It is evident in our student employment and applied research opportunities and our campus facilities such as the Digital Creativity Centre. We are proud of all the ways we foster and support a complete student experience.

A special feature in this issue is a series of profiles of just a few of the thousands of international students who chose to study at Mohawk College.

These six students and one graduate from six countries come to us with a tremendous amount of work and personal experience and an incredible sense of optimism about their futures. Two of them are medical doctors seeking new health care careers. Another is a mechanical engineer now studying in our Broadcasting program.

Exceptional people leave their countries, family and friends to come to a new place to pursue an education. Thea Laidman, Associate Vice President, International, put it beautifully about our international students: “They provide an incredible example of resiliency and human spirit and courage. It reminds us how important education is and what people will do to get it.”

Another notable feature in this edition is “Then and now.” It’s the first in a series in which Momentum connects a Mohawk College alumnus with a current student in the same program to share their experiences, insights and advice.

We start with Nursing, which is celebrating 50 years at Mohawk College. Retired nurse Jan Brimer and student Jess Mills met for a lively and interesting chat that shows the heart of nursing has never changed.

Be sure to check out stories about our Athletics department, including the women’s soccer team that aims to vie for a provincial title this year, and two Aviation students who are high-flying varsity athletes.

There is so much more to explore in this issue of Momentum and I hope you enjoy what you find. Mohawk College logo

Ron J. McKerlie