Degrees in trades

A new Bachelor of Business Administration-Trades Management is a three-way collaboration between Mohawk, George Brown and Algonquin colleges.

Mladen Ivankovic learned about Mohawk College’s new Bachelor of Business Administration-Trades Management program through a LinkedIn post. He was immediately intrigued and contacted a dean at Mohawk. He was granted entry into the fourth semester in September 2022 based on his previous diploma.

BBA-Trades is a degree completion program in collaboration with George Brown, Algonquin and Mohawk colleges. Those with apprenticeship/journeyperson training, or trade-related diploma programs are eligible for advanced standing.

“It is exactly what I was looking for. I’m looking at expanding my career development into project management and handling budgets and timelines and I want to know more about the corporate finance and accounting side so that I can get into management.”

The program focuses on the business administration, managerial, accounting, project management, leadership, communication, application of data to make decisions and applied research competencies needed by people working in or with the skilled trades to grow their own businesses, take on greater responsibilities in their current work environments, or pursue management careers.

“It’s a great program. The advantages of having three colleges involved is that there is a broader spectrum of instructors who are involved. These are experts in their fields.”

Ivankovic says the program is demanding but practical.

“We came to Canada as refugees from Serbia. I learned a lot from my parents about perseverance. They had to rebuild their lives in a new country with two young children.”

His father was an assembly line worker at Ford in Oakville and his mother – a nurse in Serbia – studied at Mohawk College to become an RN in Canada.

“She balanced it all, so I know I can. My parents are my mentors and my idols. I have so many opportunities in front of me because of them.”

Ivankovic was working at Ford when he quit to go to Mohawk for Electrical Engineering Technology. He graduated in 2018 before working for an electrical company in Chatham and then as an engineering services technician at Burlington Hydro in 2020.

“With a full-time job, it’s a challenging workload. Time management is critical. You have to stay on top of things. You can’t fall behind. It’s achievable if I set time aside for studying.”

That means waking up at about 4 a.m. and working well past dinner to fit it all in. He also studies hard on weekends.

Ivankovic has his eyes set on doing an accelerated Masters of Business Administration at McMaster.

“This program is giving me the education background that will grow my career.” Mohawk College logo